UnPlugNPlay Festival

UnPlugNPlay Festival

Chicago | September 12 - October 6

The Chicago UnPlugNPlay Festival 2019 is the event of the year for all Chicagoans and visitors that enjoy the exciting game of ping pong.

Taking place September 12 – October 6, 2019, this collaborative citywide festival features ping pong pop-ups at public and private venues across Chicago. Festival activities include casual play, interactive games and tournaments, exhibition matches, and much more.

The multi-week festival is structured with quality fun that promises to help participants de-stress and connect through a friendly game of ping pong.

The Chicago UnPlugNplay Festival is the brainchild of Killerspin, the sponsor and organizer of the festival. Killerspin, a Chicago company born from the city’s first ping pong festival in 2000, exists to connect people to those they care about through play.


Join us as a Chicago UnPlugNPlay Festival partner and become part of a highly visible, collaborative, citywide event that will unite the city in play!

Participation in the festival provides a fun and interactive activity for your customers, members, patrons, etc. With a table, paddles, and balls provided by Killerspin (or your own existing equipment), you can host casual pick-up games, lessons by a pro, exhibition matches, or company tournaments.

Chicago UnPlugNPlay will be featured through a combination of earned and paid media throughout Chicagoland. The promotional campaign will raise awareness of the festival and drive traffic to individual events.

Festival Impact

The Chicago UnPlugNPlay Festival will feature ping pong pop-up events at public and private venues across Chicago that invite people from all walks of life to connect face-to-face and play an accessible and fun game. The goal is to bring people together, both downtown and in the neighborhoods, to improve the connectedness of all Chicagoans and show the world the true spirit of Chicago.

40,000 Connections

The festival goal is to have 40,000 people exchange signed paddles with a friend, neighbor (near or far) or get to meet someone new through the festival.

Employment and Entrepreneurship For Under-served Communities

Create a network of sales agents who will serve as equipment dealers for partners of the festival.

Provide job opportunities for adults from disadvantaged communities and/or with developmental disabilities.

About Killerspin

Killerspin creates beautiful experiences, media and products that connect people through play.

Shop: www.killerspin.com
Play: www.killerspinhouse.com
Learn: www.unplugnplay415.com